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Tovaglia lino a righe rosse colorata


Modern and elegant linen tablecloths.

Our linen tablecloths are designed for colored, modern and elegant tables, but easy and practical . 

Ready to break down the stereotypes of pure linen?

The easy-to-remove stain linen tablecloth:

Choose the stain-resistant tablecloths in resin-coated linen!

Thanks to a special resin treatment, the fabric becomes  water and oil repellent.

So the stains are removed immediately with a  sponge.

The easy-to-iron linen tablecloth:

Choose the no-iron linen tablecloths the feather!

The stone washed finishing gives the linen a wrinkled and faded look for a modern and material effect.

We make tablecloths in white and raw linen..

Or choose from the many colors such as gray, sage green, powder pink, taupe, black, light blue, petroleum green, red and blue ...

Finally, choose between the square and large rectangular sizes (up to 200x300cm).

If you don't find the right size or you have a very large table, we can make the tablecloth tailored for you, directly online with a click.

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