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Runner lino colorati


Elegant linen table runners

Our linen runners are modern and refined, perfect for creating an eclectic but elegant mise en place   . .

Setting the table with runners can mean many things: a romantic table for two, a beautiful naked table to enhance or a tablecloth to enrich.
We make runners in white linen, raw linen or colored linen . 

The must: the stain-resistant linen runners.

Thanks to a special resin treatment, the fabric becomes water and oil repellent.

So the stains are removed immediately with a sponge!

For the beautiful seasons, discover all the spring runners, with flowers, but also all the embroidered linen runners.

Play with overlays with linen gauze runners that will breathe new life into your white tablecloth.


Are you looking for a gift for a couple?

Choose the table runner and match it with the napkins embroidered with their initials. Tres chic.

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