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About us


We love what we do and passion is the real engine of the whole company.


We respect nature with a production that is attentive to its environmental impact.  

We use only natural fibers: wool and linen.


Our muse, a real hallmark of our collections. We love to surround ourselves with flowers, leaves and natural details that enrich with delicate naturalness.


An all-Italian production, proud of it.


In our production process the handmade component is still of vital importance. And we don't intend to replace it, no machine will ever equal two hands working wisely.


Each item ordered is made specifically for the customer who commissioned it, just like a tailor-made garment sewn by a tailor of the past.


All that it contains


We are an Italian company that produces textile articles based on a new approach to the textile world: fresh, modern and innovative.

We select the raw materials and transform them in our laboratory to create decorative and unexpected items ranging from the home to the person up to the wedding sector.

We deeply believe in the strength of true Made in Italy, produced internally and the result of commitment, tradition and continuous research.  

We are proud of our artisanal production process, with it we want to be the spokesperson of the all-Italian ability to combine creativity with know-how to achieve unexpected results.



In our mission, nature is our greatest ally.

We use only 100% natural materials and our collections always take inspiration from the shade of a petal, from the detail of a branch and bring flowers and leaves back into the home.  

Applications, finishes, overlaps animate our articles making the textile component essential for the soul of the house.  

We have a style that does not follow trends but wants to place itself in the idea of a contemporary classic.

Always current and never out of fashion, as is the nature that surrounds us.


The hortus conclusus , also called hidden garden, is the shape of the medieval garden:  a green area surrounded by walls where taking care of flowers and plants was aimed at seeking serenity.

Concept taken from the famous novel by Bennet who transposed it into a cross-section of real life, fueling the idea that certain places can be real medicines.  

Nothing truer if we think of our homes: shelter from the outside world where each of us finds his own nest, whose welcome is the key to our balance.

Within their walls we see not only spaces but PLACES of peace and serenity, closely linked to the concepts of harmony, affection and joy: real secret gardens.

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