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Profumatore tessuti rose


Air fresheners for rooms, fabrics and linen.

A line of fragrances and room fragrances specifically designed for the rooms of your home . 

All perfumes come in different formats, each with a specific purpose.

The perfumed spray for fabrics of 100ml is perfect for scenting all the textiles of the house because it does not stain: from sofas to curtains to freshly ironed linen and why not, too simply to vaporize in the ambient.

The home fragrances with bamboo sticks diffuse your favorite fragrance throughout the house. 

Delivered in an elegant linen bag, they are also a great gift idea.

And the perfumers for wardrobes? Funny bags with lavender embellished with applications or embroidered with initials: they will perfume your linen with enveloping fragrances.

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